It has a strong expertise in information collection and analysis based on the wealth of an experienced, multi-ethnic and pan-African team, whom has a good knowledge and a deep understanding of African markets.
IDIA AFRICA has developed a continental coverage, a huge network with public and private sector, working closely with key market players; and support customers in all industries and in all countries.


We provide:
  • Business Research and Analysis
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Industry Research and Analysis
  • International Trade Research
  • Database News and Information Services
  • CI Implementation
  • CI Training


We gather high value and updated information on markets, businesses and individuals and produce strategic intelligence and actionable insights through:
  • Competitive Intelligence services to anticipate market dynamics, understand market tangles, and manage both threats and opportunities.
  • Market Entry services to help investors enter a country, lighting on the context of the market and succeed implementation
  • Risk Intelligence services to mitigate operational and reputational risks and delivering insights on partners and treating crisis.