Our Values


Result oriented

IDIA AFRICA is driven by clients' success. So each project is for us an exciting and unique challenge. We put a great care to capture and anticipate strategic and operational objectives of our clients, challenge us to achieve assignment goals and exceed client expectations.


IDIA AFRICA provides its customers with value-added services based on the experience and expertise of its teams. They are entirely devoted to projects and act with the constant thought of customer. They run projects with great discretion, complete independence and full transparency. The results of our studies are exclusive property of client.


IDIA AFRICA is strongly committed to ethics and professional conduct. IDIA AFRICA works exclusively in the interest of its customers, the interest of countries where it operates and in his own. We undertake to scrupulously respect its obligations towards clients, not to infringe national and international laws, and not to break its principles.


IDIA AFRICA constantly raises care and respect of its staff, customers and partners. Every business and labor relationship is an unique opportunity for knowledge and enrichment. We share the goals of excellence, performance and passion in everything we do with our partners.