Competitive Intelligence


African markets show a consistent and sustainable growth over the last decade. Economies are not only based on natural resources but manufacturing sector is developing (construction, food processing, power generation, etc.) and services boomed (telecommunications, finance, etc.).

Markets experienced major structural changes. Consumers’ purchasing power has increased and they are better informed. The competition has intensified with the presence of local, regional and international actors. Business players face the challenge of anticipating the market dynamics by understanding the market and managing its threats and opportunities. Success odds remain on gathering information and producing competitive intelligence.

IDIA AFRICA collects and analyses information about business ecosystem. Studies are focused on factors that affect or may influence industry structure: customers, competitors, suppliers, regulators and social forces, etc. Our multi-ethnic and multi-national experts teams have a strong market intelligence background of all African countries. They have hold decision-making positions the public and private sectors; have contacts at the executive level of organizations and a privileged access to information.