Market Entry Studies


Africa is among the first attractive marketplace and offers the world's highest rate of ROI. Doing Business indicators are improving, investment codes are more incentives, democratization is spreading across the continent.

However, social and political stability, conditions of business creation and ownership, factors of production, taxes, trading across borders, security, and corruption remain barriers for investment. Risk level for African countries remains higher and Doing business is still opaque and complex.  All these factors balance the attractiveness of continent; increase the cost of credit and weighs down investment.

IDIA AFRICA offers to regional and international investors sequenced and measured support on each country market. Throughout a holistic approach we light on the context of the market in order to succeed and strengthen their implementation.

Our multinational team is familiar with all African markets. It encompasses business lawyers, experienced tax professionals, lobbyists and market analysts. IDIA AFRICA has a large network of partners, a strong relationship with institutions and investment stakeholders on the continent.