Business Intermediation and Advisory


Globalization bring exciting opportunities for business players who have discovered new business fields and news cooperation axis: north-south and south-south. But the potential of this partnership remains untapped because supply and demand informations is not always reachable and available for all.

IDIA AFRICA matches supply and demand of raw materials, goods, services, credit, information, etc. We deliver added value on transaction by financial, legal, tax business advices. We support you diversify your supply or sales network sources; fundraising and investment, providing all relevant information project, etc.

IDIA AFRICA  has good knowledge of all African markets needs, projects, actors, has a rich database that includes national and sector main projects, have insights of public and private fund, various funding available on all continents. We have partnerships with investment funds, national offices responsible for project; and development and investment promoting organization. We match you with checked, qualified and exclusive partners in all sectors.