Risk Intelligence


African countries business landscapes still carry significant germs of operational and reputational risks  developed by the blurred boundaries between politic and business worlds , level of corruption in Africa countries, extent of economic criminality, business non compliance to financial data publishing requirement, institutional and structural weakness. These market risks mixed to legal and normative requirements for CSR pressure can change a trouble-free investment in strategic, legal and financial disaster.

In a market requiring anticipation and reaction, IDIA AFRICA fills up any asymmetry of information between partners, any insufficient information, delivering quantitative and qualitative information pertaining to costs, benefits and risks transaction. We help mitigate operational and reputational risk and light up decision.

Our team of risk intelligence is highly skilled in finding information, observation and investigation. It includes auditors, lawyers, financial analysts, experts in CSR, journalists, retired tax officials, law-enforcement agents and experienced industry professionals, investigators.